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The Art of Arousal



  • Increase sexual desire
  • Increase self-confidence and feminine power
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms
  • Improve your connection with your partner
  • Increase your libido and sexual response
  • Develop sensitivity of erogenous zones
  • Learn the art of self-exploration
  • Learn skills that bring greater pleasure to you & your partner
  • Painful periods
  • If Kegels don’t help
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Pelvic organ prolapses
  • Constipation
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Menopause change
  • Preparation for non-traumatic vaginal birth
  • Incontinence

Since 2017, Nadiya Williams, Intimate Fitness Instructor and founder of Feminine Revival, has offered The Art of Arousal as an in-person course, and it’s been recognized as one of New York City’s top sex education initiatives. Now, it’s available in an online version for all women anywhere.

Based on more than 250 unique practices developed and tested by Nadiya, the course has revolutionized femininity and sexuality for more than two thousand women.

The fifteen videos that comprise the course were created specifically to deliver knowledge about femininity, pleasure, and the peculiar properties of the female body. Every woman who is ready to discover true self, nourish the connection between her body and her mind, and awaken her libido can benefit from the advice, methods, and techniques taught in the course.

This is the mindful way to femininity without pitfalls. Get the knowledge no one ever shared with you before to allow your sensuality, sexuality, and self-acceptance to bloom.

You are only 15 lessons away.

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I’m your coach, Nadiya Williams, the founder of Feminine Revival.

I am an experienced intimate fitness instructor and a level 2 reiki healer. By sharing my knowledge about female intimacy, I help women become healthier and happier and find greater pleasure and satisfaction.

I learned first and foremost from my own experience — and then from working with hundreds of other women — that self-confidence starts from the connection between the body and the mind. And this is what I talk about in my offline classes, in social media channels, and in my online courses. All the methods and techniques I teach are tested by myself and by the many other women I have worked with.

My passion is helping women understand how to become aroused, how to increase their physical sensitivity, how to eliminate intimate numbness, and how to stop questioning their attractiveness. I am here to help you set up a dialogue with yourself and with a partner, and to teach women how to safely connect their minds with their bodies — leading, ultimately, to much better wellbeing.

Training & Certifications:

  • 2017: Certified Intimate Fitness Instructor – International Federation of IMBuilding (Intimate Muscular Building)
  • 2018: REIKI USUI System Natural Healing – Level 2
  • 2019: Cervical Awakening Practice – Instructor Dr. Jenny Martin
  • 2020: Sexual Disorders Counseling – International Academy of Sexology, Moscow, Russia
  • 2021: Male Sexual Dysfunction and Behavior – International Academy of Sexology, Moscow, Russia
  • 2021: Currently Enrolled in the Study Master Expert Certification Program – Loveology University


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You get the device as a gift when you enroll in the course!

The pelvic device is simply a tool to intensify your training and measure your progress. Without the training, the device is useless. That’s why it’s included with the Art of Arousal course at no additional charge. It comes with a personal training program we draw up for you based on your needs and goals and the state of your muscles.

1) Your Personal Intravaginal Device
The device is made of medical-grade material (hypoallergenic latex). It is not a toy of any kind — there’s no vibrating, no batteries: just pure resistance for muscle development.

2) Insert Using Your Favorite Lube
Using a little lubricant, insert the device into your vagina and then inflate it with the detachable air pump to adjust the size and provide internal resistance for your muscles to work against.

3) Squeeze and Lift Your Muscles
This will help you feel the contraction of each individual muscle and help strengthen your entire pelvic floor.


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A testimonial is worth a thousand words.

Please read on to see what one of our satisfied clients has to say about the course:

After taking The Art of Arousal, I heard the same question over and over again: “Why?!” My only real questions were, “Why didn’t I find this course sooner? Why did no one ever tell me these things before? Why didn’t we ever learn about this in school?” I feel lucky to have enrolled!

After only 15 lessons, I know a lot more about my own anatomy, and I know what pleasure means to me personally. I also know how proper breathing affects me, my sensuality, and the intimacy I experience. And, even more importantly, I know now how my intimate health and pleasure is correlated with my confidence.

And I see improvements in all these areas. For example, I wasn’t expecting this as a benefit of the course, but now I have the confidence to say “no” in situations in which I am not comfortable — all situations, not just intimate ones. Thanks to Feminine Revival I now have priceless knowledge that will last a lifetime, that I can share with my friends, family, and most importantly, that I can keep calling upon myself. Thank you, Nadiya!

Find out more testimonials here.

Proven pleasure benefits

  • Increase sexual desire
  • Increase self-confidence and feminine power
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms
  • Improve your connection with your partner
  • Increase your libido and sexual response
  • Develop sensitivity of erogenous zones
  • Learn the art of self-exploration
  • Learn skills that bring greater pleasure to you & your partner



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Dr. Lana Selitsky, OBGYN.
Dr. Selitsky is a Fellow of ACOG. She earned her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

Virginia Reath, RPA, MPH, PC. Ms. Reath has been a practising clinician, educator, and activist in the fields of gynecology and sexual and reproductive health care for more than thirty years.


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What’s included with this course and how much does it cost?

  • Access to 15 videos
  • 2 guided meditations
  • Supplemental PDF Downloads
  • Nadiya’s Favorite Spotify Playlists
  • Nadiya’s Lubricant & Device Recommendations
  • Weekly Q&A + Private Group Coaching with Nadiya
  • Bonus: The Device
  • Bonus: 1 One-on-One Coaching Session with Nadiya

$810 one time or $270/month for 3 months


OBGYNDr. Lana Selitsky, OBGYN, is a board-certified gynecologist and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. For the health and enjoyment of women of all ages and phases of life, she discusses the importance of intimate fitness and Kegel exercises.



Pelvic floor anatomy image
Dr. Lana Selitsky talks about the female anatomy and how the pelvic floor muscles work — and don’t work. You’ll also learn about the layers of the pelvic floor muscles and their importance to your intimate wellness.

Magic flower image

Your pelvic floor is like a magic flower. Make it open and bloom with this instructional video about how the pelvic floor works, with a focus on your intimate pelvic muscles and how to feel them through breathing exercises.

Intimate massage is a great technique for awakening dormant and underdeveloped nerve endings in your genitals. The massage stimulates your intimate anatomy, teaching you how to better connect with it for more vital pleasure and awakening sensitivity for easier arousal.

Self exaqm and magic flower

You’ll learn to touch yourself, and you’ll have a better understanding of how you work on the inside, especially when you use your intimate muscles to connect your body and mind. This is an invaluable technique that you may not have attempted before!

How to use the device

You can train with a variety of interesting devices on the market; all you have to do is select one that works best for you. We’ll show you some of our favorite devices for intimate fitness in this video.

Class 1. Breathing exercises image

This session reviews ways to voluntarily control your pelvic floor muscles. The set of exercises taught here will train you to properly lift, squeeze, and breathe.

Class 2. Engaging your intimate muscles

In this session, you’ll continue to engage and manage your intimate muscles while completing a series of motions and poses that will support your efforts. You’ll also learn how to manage your pelvic floor muscles voluntarily.

Class 9: The Role of Abs and Glutes

This session will teach you how to use your abdominal muscles (lower abdominals and glutes) to engage your intimate muscles for improved control and strength of your pelvic floor.

Class 10. Your muscles during sex

This session continue the strength training of your intimate muscles, along with the help of your abdominal muscles, and shows you how to use your new muscle control during sexual intercourse.

Class 11: Practice Makes Perfect imageYou should now be able to regulate your pelvic floor voluntarily, either with or without the abdominal muscles. This session includes a variety of exercises that you can use to perfect your techniques.

Class 1. Breathing exercises image
You’ve mastered your intimate muscles by this point! This video will show you a larger selection of pleasure exercises that you can do with or without a partner.

Awaken your sensitivity image
This video covers dynamic and static movements, as well as exercises with and without abdominal and glute muscular engagement. It focuses on relaxation and belly breathing to help awaken your sensitivity

In this final lesson, Nadiya leaves you with a handful of freestyle exercises to practice at any time in your life. Congratulations: You are now a master of your intimate muscles! You’ve grown into your sexuality, enhanced your sensitivity, and learned how to explore yourself for ultimate sexual pleasure. These skills will stay with you for a lifetime.

Schedule A Zero Cost Consultation with Nadiya Williams

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to better understand your needs and answer any questions you might have.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

  • Discuss what attracted you to IMBuilding and Feminine Revival
  • Discuss any current or past concerns
  • Learn more about our courses
  • Discover which course is the best fit for you and your needs
  • Ask any questions you may have

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What Our Students Say



"Feminine Revival has been a total revelation."



"I thought I was broken, but because of this program I took the ownership of my body back."



"I feel this new energy around me."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The goal of our program is to help women at all stages of their life. 

We help young women develop self-confidence, awaken their sensitivity, decrease period pain and get to know their bodies better. 

We help pre-natal and postpartum women improve their pelvic floor conditions. Because strong (not tense) pelvic floor muscles help to facilitate childbirth and speed up postpartum recovery. 

We help women in their pre and postmenopausal period rejuvenate vaginal tissue, which benefits their general physical condition. 

Every woman of any age will take something valuable from our program and improve their general well-being.

What are people saying about us?

Real reviews from real women and men! Our customers love our classes.
Here's what they have to say about them.

Will the course help to upgrade my intimate life with my partner?

Yes, of course. You will discover yourself, and it will help you start a more sincere conversation with your partner. You will be able to guide your partner on the way to your ultimate pleasure. It will also bring new ideas and experiments to your intimate life. 

Most of the women who have taken our courses have told us that, from the very first lessons, they started noticing the difference in their relationships — and that difference extended far beyond the bedroom. A closer intimate connection freshens up the entire life.

I can achieve orgasms. Why should I pay for the course?

You will know that there is more than one kind of orgasm and different ways to achieve them: with or without a partner. You will learn how your body responses to different touches, how and where you like to be pleased. The course will open the door to more sensual and intense pleasure. You will know that your body is capable of giving you more joy than you thought it was.  

A tool for lifelong pleasure

Women know a little about Kegel exercises: when we’re pregnant, we’re told to do them or we’ll regret it later — and that’s about it. But they’re so much more than that, and there’s a right way to do them and a wrong way. Dr. Arnold Kegel discovered the method in the early 20th century, as he treated pregnant and postnatal women who were suffering from incontinence. He invented a device for women to use along with the exercises: it was the first such device, and it was effective, but it worked only on the pelvic floor muscles, the first layer of the “hammock” that stretches from the front of the pelvis (the pubic bone) to the coccyx at the back. While this approach helped many women find relief from urinary incontinence, that’s all it did.

Intimate Fitness takes the initial idea and goes much deeper. Intimate Fitness instructors study vaginal canal muscles, learning how they can be trained, built, and voluntarily controlled all the way to the cervix. That’s part of the reason why our device and specific exercises can help prevent gynecological problems (such as pelvic organ prolapse, among many others), while simultaneously enhancing women’s sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, there are countless women around the world doing Kegel exercises without medical-grade devices or simply incorrectly, or with a vibrator or toy labeled as a “Kegel Trainer.” These women yield no results. With our course, you can avoid being one of them: you’ll receive training and guidance from a certified professional. You’ll learn how to do the exercises correctly, with beneficial effects and no further harm. And you’ll come away with such a rich and deep understanding of your own
most intimate muscles.

What are our other programs?
The Art of Arousal

This course delivers priceless knowledge. It’s the sexual education that you most likely never received in school.
It’s a 15-video course that will help you awaken your sensitivity, understand your body, and enhance your intimate health.

Personal session 

Schedule a 90-minute one-on-one session with Nadiya to learn more about your anatomy and explore your sexual knowledge for your wellbeing and pleasure. This is available in person or virtually.

$150/per session


What other resources do we offer?

You can find our Resources & Articles here.